Material (for a new edition of the book)

As I “work” on it, a “labour of love” in memory of my dear dad. Also learning about the publishing process, the journey (on the go”)
c November 17th 2014.

So now get crack’n” and sort out all those old “piccies” and other collections from my dad…

Warship World and A tale of Two Ships

Raymond Lock interview by John Bailey

Sinking of the Bismarck

South African Military Military History Society

3 Responses to Material (for a new edition of the book)

  1. Denham Howe says:

    Hi Craig

    I believe I have a wartime photo of your dad (and perhaps also your grandfather). Standing with my Grandfather and his brother (Fred and Horace Howe) who are in your dad’s book.

    I live in Australia, my email is and my phone number is +61406225733.

    Denham Howe


    • craiglock says:

      Hi Denham
      Thanks for the message. Need to get back to my dad’s book soon, as been busy doing many other books (as I learn more about publishing). E-books are easy, but paperbacks with pictures are more complicated, I find. If you wanted me to include the picture, I’d love to in a new edition and give you credit (if you wish).

      just email me.

      All the best and enjoy the day in “Oz”



  2. Denham Howe says:

    Thanks Craig. What is your email address? You could email it to me on

    If it is your father, it would be great to have the photo included. My dad also has an original of the group photo in Newcastle, if you don’t have a good copy.


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